• dr. tortoise

no coughing in the oval office

Updated: Apr 6

I know it’s crazy to even think but now that whole world Is cancelled what is there to do? What is the point of anything? Well you can just hop on Youtube and watch one of these live streams from NBC, FOX, or Guardian and check out whats happening in Arizona, New York, Maryland, Washington DC. If you’re in a different kind of mood check out Resident Advisor or Insomniac and rave on in your room. The community is one of a kind and I fucking love every one of them. The White House briefings are getting redundant but it reassuring to see something live going on. THAT THERES OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE. Its getting worst, that should be assumed. That I AM not just going crazy in my house. I’m sorry but this is the world now. Its never going to be the same again, in our lifetime at least. These talks cang get quite entertaining though especially when Trump starts to talk shit about some of the reporters in the room saying they’re “too close to each other, actually”. Furthermore, he gives us updates on the “great, great” job that they (feds) are doing and the more concerned state governments are doing. Cuomo, a sharp talking intellectual, seems like a natural born leader attacking the feds with “where are my ventilators?” But Trump spits back with a “they have enough” One of the updates from the so call “Corona Task Force” where Trump, excuse me, PRESIDENT Trump, continues daily talks about: this is not a financial issue but a health one, were making great progress, were united as ever against the Chinese virus But that’s not all politically correct so well call it the “invisible enemy”. Meanwhile storefronts are getting boarded up like nobody's business. Is Trump just a hypocrite? His criticism of Obama's reaction of the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Also that these “great, great” companies like Honeywell are making N95 masks keep in mind these are “more complicated than a car.” Spectacular… but will it ever be enough? It’s the end of March already and It seems to be getting real cereal. The days have been depressing to say the least due to not having much social interactions or any physical touch. It’s nice to know that were all in this together! Once Trump is tired from spewing this positive bull shit he throws VP Pence into the ring. I’ll admit, I don’t think there wasn’t any president we’ve had in the past 30 years who would have been prepared for this curve ball God threw. But he minimized the problem saying look how many people die from the flu! But I can’t help but wonder if this all just a hoax. To wipe out the elderly population, survival of the fittest. When I’m old, say 70? Just fucking chop my head off at the guillotine there’s no need for me using up vital resources for the next generation. Maybe I’m just unselfish or maybe I’m mental. Maybe Its God, Allah, Jah, Shiva just telling us WERE the problem, WERE the cancer. Maybe its Thanos managing to get all the infinity stones before we could stop him. Were just going to have to invent time traveling no need for vaccines. As America is closing into the country with the most corona cases (*ahem* china your pants are on fire), it could be that it was a bioweapon against our “great, GREAT” nation! Or perhaps this crooked government just needs to change all the batteries in the pigeons so they can continue to spy on us. Hmmm. Either way I mean everything’s fucking closed except essentials so shits gotta be serious right? I mean it’s all were talking about now. Its all that’s in the news! What happened to global warming, the democratic nominations, or Trumps dethronement? Is it all a distraction? In other news The Mercy and the Comfort are coming up to our coasts; and will be used as floating hospitals in LA and NYC. I thought those were clever names. But what we need is everything at our disposal! Because the worst is yet to come! Trump tower need to be converted into a hospital! Stadiums, and conventions centers. I wish we had other news because this shit is giving me anxiety and I know I can’t be the only one. Good things we got these big companies to hold us down like 3m and Hanes making more ventilators. Probably cause even they are getting drilled in their assholes into bankruptcy as well. You see they know what they’re doing because if the feds were to call up McDonalds or something they would probably reply “we don’t even know with ventilators are!” Trump says. Although looks like New Balance is making some pretty dope masks. Well we’ll see where we are after these 15 days. Maybe this is our end after all. To put us on our place, to remind us that we are not the center of the universe and were just part of nature in a world created from stardust. China really shat on us. But with all this free time now lettuce let our creativity shine!!!